Funny Photography: Whose Grandma?

I am horrible with names. It’s a bad trait I know, but I needed to be reminded dozens of times before I remember a person’s name. This trait bit me pretty hard at one of my first ‘commercial’ style shoots.

A new make up artist asked me to come to the salon she worked and do a photoshoot so she could promote her business. Unfortunatly since she was new only her Mom, Aunt, and sister came out. Her sister was only 18 I’m not sure her Mom and Aunt’s age but her Mom had not aged nearly as gracefully as her Aunt. I quickly lost track of who was who and what their names were (see above).

About half way through the shoot I said “Let’s have grandma and grand daughter do this shot together.” Everyone froze. It got deathly silent as ‘grandma’ glared at me with a steely gaze. I knew I had messed up but still didn’t know what I had done.

Finally after what seemed like forever ‘grandma’ said coldly “Who is ‘grandma’ surely you don’t mean me? I’m her mom and this is her aunt.”

I tried to think of something witty to say like “Oh you look to young to be her mom” but there’s just no recovery from that I simply said “Sorry”. She spent the rest of the shoot glaring at me and giving me dirty looks apparently I had hit a sore spot!