A New Phase?

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

In this month of March (a waning month of March) I have been giving much thought as how my given of always having had a darkroom is now in the past. We moved from a big house to a small duplex. I can process b+w film but there is no room for a darkroom. I have a new Canon Pro-1 inkjet printer but I have yet to connect it to my computer or to figure out how to run the drivers.

But as this colour negative of my friend Shelina that I took a few months ago and scanned as a colour negative and then reversed in Photoshop shows that the result is most interesting. The only way to hard copy it is to print it with an inkjet as there is no physical negative (the manipulated one) to print in a normal wet darkroom.

I am now realizing that this marks a new beginning (or phase to use that word so overused by local building contractors when they promote their condo developments) for me. Perhaps it will be an exciting one.
 Shelina the graceful
 Shelina May 14 2015

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