A pant brush — William Blake

Photograph- Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

I askd my Dear Friend Orator Prigg

Whats the first part of Oratory he said a great wig

And what is the second then dancing a jig

And bowing profoundly he said a great wig

And what is the third then he snord like a pig

And puffing his cheeks he replied a Great wig

So if a Great Panter with Questions you push

Whats the first Part of Panting hell say a Pant Brush

And what is the second with most modest blush

Hell smile like a Cherub & say a pant Brush

And what is the third hell bow like a rush

With a lear in his Eye hell reply a Pant Brush

Perhaps this is all a Painter can want

But look yonder that house is the house of Rembrant

William Blake

Association is what I believe separates us from animals, even highly intelligent ones. But then I have never met an animal who has told me that I am wrong.

Casi-Casi, Rosemary’s cat, runs down the stairs at the mere opening of one of his food cans. So her cat does have a limited ability to associate.

But let me give you an example of human association. I remember very well when Kimberley Klaas called me one evening and told me she had a new boyfriend called Glen. I asked her what he did. She told me he was an artist and that he painted. I replied, “I have an idea. Tell him to bring one of his thinnest paintbrushes. Let’s meet in my studio.” Below is a link that further explains that our ability to associate involves memory of moments past.

Link to: A Pant Brush — William Blake

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