A Very Weird Lens

Tim Bray — Photograph -Alex Waterhouse-Hayward with Mamiya RB-67 Pro-SD

My tech friend Tim Bray, an inventor of XML who works for Amazon but lives in Vancouver just bought this wonderfully weird lens:

Even those who have digital cameras can used this device. My Fuji X-E1 has a cheap available adapter for my Nikon lenses (the film cameras).

Generally as a magazine photographer since 1975 I have been slow to use new stuff. But in 1977 when my competitors were shooting with 35s I bought a Mamiya RB-67 Pro S with a revolving back. The 6x7cm format became a favourite of the many magazine art directors I worked with. They liked both the horizontal and vertical capabilities of the revolving back. This meant that my pictures could be used a full vertical bleed or two-page spreads. I am now 74 and I am awfully curious.

Perhaps I am just curious about that Aquarelle Waterhouse Aperture.

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Vancouver BC