A Winter Surprise

Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Ayesha’ Scan’ , December 6, 2016 — Scan — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Sometime in the late 80s my wife Rosemary took me to a meeting of the Vancouver Rose Society. We sat on uncomfortable chairs and after some boring announcements re-memberships, etc we watched over 100 badly taken slide of roses. I told Rosemary, “You brought me for this?”

Rosemary wasn’t entirely wrong as I soon developed a strong interest in roses and in particular old roses and English Roses. But I swore at that first meeting that I would never ever photograph roses or any other plants and flowers.

Unfortunately I was hired by garden magazines to shoot gardens. This I did and I enjoyed using my 6x7cm format Mamiya RB-67 loaded with Kodak Ektachrome.

Rosa ‘ Reine Victoria’

It may have been 15 years ago when I happened to think about cutting a rose from my garden (Rosa ‘Reine Victoria’). It must have been beginner’s luck because the result after I scanned it on my flatbed scanner the results were breathtaking. Since then I have scanned most of the roses (over 90) of our garden plus just about every other flower of note. In many cases I will do scans of a rose through its flowering season and I can observe how size and colour varies with the season, sunlight or Vancouver rain.

Today, December 6, 2016, I happened to look at our deck garden, (we left our large corner not garden 8 months ago. I brought two hydrangeas. One of them Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Ayesha’ like most other hydrangeas bloom in the summer. I leave the old spent flowers (they look pretty nice anyway) and I don’t cut them off until spring. The surprise is that on one little branch there was a brand new flower which will certainly not develop in size or colour as it snowed yesterday and there is more coming.

And yet there is beauty in this scan. It is the beauty of a possibility not to be attained until next year. Meanwhile I will put the bloom in a vase inside. Hydrangea flowers last a long time in water.

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