Conservatively Restrained

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

I always look forward to the Friday NY Times. It has two arts sections and one of them is dedicated mostly to the visual arts like painting and sculpture. While I never had an arts education with my frequent perusal of that arts section in the last 18 years (that we have been receiving a daily delivered NY Times) I have to say that I have a pretty good arts education based on my good memory and the good writing of the NY Times arts staffers.

This particular Friday I was drawn to a an artist called Nicole Eisenman. You can read the piece here. I was drawn to her statement in the NY Times interview:

Ms. Eisenman, an American who was born in Verdun, France, in 1965 and grew up in Westchester County, is similarly ambitious in her refusal to cultivate a signature style. Her refusal may also be more explicitly autobiographical; she is a lesbian who said in a recent interview in The New York Times that she is “gender fluid,” and that she uses the “she” pronoun. In neither art nor life is a single identity desirable or even possible.

Nicole Eisenman’s “Morning Studio” (2016), at Anton Kern Gallery.

I have seen her Morning Studio many times before. I find that the painting is extremely erotic. It was most pleasant to find more info on this woman artist.

In my own particular personal photography I have mostly conservative. I have photographed a professional dominatrix friend of mine while telling her I understood nothing of what she did. Not too long ago I photographed another friend who posed in my studio’s psychiatric couch while wearing leather shackles. I told her, too that I did not understand the concept and that I felt sorry for her being in that immovable and restrained position. She laughed and told me that it the worst thing I could have told her.

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