Not at an Arm’s Length

Photograph Ted Laturnus

The severe problem that an arm’s length is in this 21stcentury is much in my mind these days.

It is all but impossible to ignore things Trump and social media these days. Before the election my Rosemary and I used up (we thought intelligently) at least two hours daily listening and watching Rachel Maddow and others on MSNBC from our home in Vancouver BC. Both of us consumed “de pi a pa”, Spanish from beginning to end every left-leaning columnist of our daily delivered NY Times. After Election Day we have avoided all TV and we (I more than Rosemary) read sparingly all the political stuff about how the US is moving right in the NY Times. It’s the overdue library book syndrome. If you place said book inside a drawer and close it shut the problem does not exist.

The social media thing that absolutely escapes me is why so many people post pictures of themselves taken with the wide-angle point of view with their smart phones. Are they not aware that anything closer (like a nose) to the angle of view of smart phone will appear larger. And if you place the phone over you the top of your head will loom larger and the chin will recede into nothingness.

There is a friend of mine (I have never met her) who is lightly middle-aged and loves to pose for her smart phone with pursed lips and a limp smile. I wonder if she has relatives or friends she could possibly kiss with those lips of hers.

This is not a rant, really. I am just looking for a rationalization for posting here a photograph of someone that looks like me with a luscious woman in Las Vegas in 1983. And obvious to anyone is the fact, that this a head-to-toe kind-of-selfy, is so rare in this day and age.

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