Pascua 2017

Easter 1977 — Springer Avenue, Burnaby, Ale, Rosemary and Hilary - Photographs - Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Easter for me is a feast day for reflection. Spring is about to happen and Rosemary and I, in spite of our much smaller garden, find it pleasant to visit nurseries.

As it becomes increasingly more difficult to go up and down our stairs I think of that Vancouver Sun term used recently on an article about a home for the elderly that was about to close but the province intervened and the folks of the home can now “live out their days.”

That reminds me of the sign we had in our four-to-a-room at St. Ed’s High School in the late 50s. It said, “Flunk now and avoid the rush later.”

No, I am not suicidal but I do have to consider on how I will spend the time that I may have left.

Unlike other Easters this one marked the fact that our immediate family is fragmented. Our eldest granddaughter Rebecca, 19 chose to go to a concert at the Coliseum on Good Friday (we celebrated our Easter dinner on that day). Bruce Stewart, our son-in-law had to deal with emptying his father’s apartment. His father is now in a home. Both my youngest daughter Hilary and Bruce have jobs so that our dinner had to be on Good Friday. Our eldest daughter visited us a few weeks ago so she did not come. For me it was a sombre dinner.

Lauren Stewart — April 14 2017

Lauren, 14, being the teenager she now is forgot to bring a nice dress for my yearly Easter portrait. To my horror the huge blue bunny that her mother Hilary won in an Easter drawing contest (Shopper’s Drug Mart) back in 1977 had been recently gotten rid of when the Stewart’s moved to their new home in Burnaby about 6 months ago. I had no props so the egg had to be it.

As I write this on the evening of Sábado de Gloria (Easter Saturday) I observe that the picture of Lauren looking out into a future is a future that I will not possibly be able to share with her. The slight smile seems to foresee a positive future for her. Meanwhile Rosemary and I can only help to expose her to stuff that might assure that future.

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