Sandrine Cassini — A Soon-to-be Visit by an Apparition

Photographs — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Often in these pages I praise the day that I decided to become a photographer and not a plumber. Plumbing would have been more lucrative and not the preoccupation of what the next job was going to be as a freelancer.

But there are some perks. Consider my long photographic involvement with one of the most spectacularly beautiful (in a haunting 19th century-kind-of-way) ballerinas I have ever met.

This is her curriculum until a couple of years ago:

Sandrine Cassini


Born in France, Sandrine Cassini studied at the Conservatoire Superieur de Paris before being awarded the Prix de Lausanne. After dancing with the Paris Opera Ballet, she joined Les Ballet de Monte Carlo, where she danced major roles in works by Balanchine, Forsythe, Neumeier, Duato Kylian and Maillot. Her career then took her to Zuricher Ballet, San Jose Ballet, Ballet British Columbia, National Theater Mannheim and recently, Bejart Ballet, where she performed in Alonzo King’s Figures of Thought. Sandrine has choreographed works on Staatstheater Regensburg, Ballet Victoria, Dances for Small Stages in Vancouver, and National Theater Mannheim. Most recently, she created a work on the LINES Ballet BFA Program entitled Arrowed Down, and she created the work every cloud has a silver lining on the LINES Ballet Training Program. She also created And Soon We Are for DTSF’s fall season. In 2014 she was the Ballet Mistress for the Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Since then she has been an extremely active “mercenary” dancer/choreographer/instructor traveling (Have Tutu — Will Travel) to far flung places. I know of this because I can plot her movements through our mutual friendship in Facebook. She was last in Iceland.

It seems that soon she will be a guest in our Vancouver, Kitsilano home. I will have the opportunity of taking photographs of her again. This time we will also have time to reflect and converse.

I definitely prefer that to working under a kitchen sink.

Link to: Sandrine Cassini — A Soon-to-be Visit by an Apparition

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