The Found Card & the Process of Remembering

Photographs — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Today is a British Columbia holiday. It is a lazy BC Day. It is sunny in my Vancouver, the afternoon is almost hot and my Rosemary is asleep with her cat Casi-Casi.

I am attempting to file stuff that I hurriedly threw into plastic bins when we moved from our old Athlone house five months ago to our new Kitsilano (a Vancouver neighborhood) digs. A flood in the basement 10 days before our move made my throwing a hurried one.

Attempting to file it is taking longer because I find stuff that I have almost forgotten.

Seen here is a card (it folds and I would write in the inside) that might have been a Christmas card from 1973 0r 1974 before we left Mexico City for Vancouver in 1975.

I look at the card and I think of Jorge Luís Borges’s wheel of time. The spokes of that wheel have turned (inexorably) in a forward (clockwise, is time clockwise?) manner. And yet when I look at the card I can smell the air of Arboledas, Estado de México, and remember that both Rosemary and I were wearing short white leather ankle boots that had a three-inch foam-like sole. I note that Rosemary’s eyebrows are very marked (I was the one who plucked them for her) and I know exactly where it was that I seldom got my haircuts.

Moving that wheel forward again to today, as my Rosemary sleeps, I am in a happy wonder that all four of us are here in BC (Ale, the oldest in Lillooet, and Hilary now in her new house in Burnaby).

Burnaby BC is where we first lived when we came to Vancouver. The pessimist, my Rosemary is unhappy that Hilary, Bruce, Lauren and Rebecca (soon) are all back where we began. Hilary the optimist is happy that she is back to where it all began for her.

One way or the other, with Rosemary and Casi-Casi in bed, I can consider myself a lucky man and the wheel can keep turning. I look forward as to where it might be in a few hours, days, weeks and months. And like Borges said, I remember only that which I have not forgotten from my past.

The found card is part of the process of remembering.

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