The Ukranian Photographer

Photograph — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Of my life I have never complained that I have been unlucky. At age 75 my health is just fine. I have been married to my Rosemary now for 49 years. No, I am not content. I am happy!

I know another person just like my Rosemary in one particular way.

Her name is Yuliya and she is a professional dominatrix. I have never hired her for her services. We had had a long photographic relationship. My wife, she is definitely not a dominatrix but she does nag me into action all the time. Rosemary and Yuliya share a dislike for any photograph I have ever taken of them.

But somewhere in some corner of my Ukranian’s intelligent mind there must be a little space where she holds a memory of one or two photographs that I have taken of her that she almost liked.

The one you see is one of my many favourites. Yuliya, since she was next to impossible to please, made me try harder to find that picture that just might make her smile. But then I have almost no memory of Yuliya smiling. My memory of her is of her temper directed at anybody who might ask her, “Are you from the Ukraine?” Her rapid answer was always, “Ukraine, fu-cking Ukraine!”

I am going to see if I can find her again so we can compare notes on photographs taken and perhaps of photographs yet to take.

The photograph was taken with Kodak’s Delta 3200 Professional (the reason for all that gritty grain). I used a Nikon FM-2 with a 50mm F-1.4 lens

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