Titzling’s Support for Women

On Thursday afternoon I went to the new bookstore, The Paper Hound

on West Pender, just to visit. In case you may not have read in my previous blogs, I no longer buy books. I have too many and I now realize that getting rid of book is like telling a friend you do not want to be friends anymore. Dumping books is painful.

Unfortunately I did buy a book. I paid $10. I could not resist.

After a perfunctory reading of the book in the bookstore I found out three facts unknown to me previously. I did not know that Otto Titzling had invented the bra. I suppose now we may guess where that word “tits” came from. Another fact, a most fascinating fact is (check out the second scan of the book here) is that in my obsession to become an expert on that concave bit of nothingness that some call cleavage I had never given a thought to “cleavage underneath”!

Even more startling is the design of bras for trapeze artists. It seems they need other-way-up-support.

Driving home I could not resist the urge to think of how many bra shots I had in my files. I must point out here that I know exactly where the best ones were and as I scanned the pictures seen here I made sure (there is one exception) that every bra and owner appeared only once. In my continuing effort to photograph women undraped I was most annoyed to find many of my subjects had never posed in a bra. What a shame! But then I would have been scanning a few more days.

And just one more Of ancillary interest

Link to: Titzling’s Support For Women

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