Two Sisters & Leonard Cohen

Photographs — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward
Leonard Cohen — Photographs — Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Today’s blog is shaped the way it is because Blogger, owned by Google, is not working properly. I am unable to insert pictures from my server (Net Nation) through FTP. I use another method where I upload to Photobucket and then download the photos in HTML code. The problem is that I am not as adept at writing code as I should so I don’t know how to move the pictures to the left or the the right. But at least I can put up photographs. The reality of the 21st century is that any company or service that is owned by the likes of Google, Microsoft, eBay (bought Skype recently) makes it impossible for one to ever communicate with a human being either on a phone or even by e-mail. Patience is the only solution as you wait for the service to fix itself.

While driving home on Thursday night I was exhausted after having taught photography to 16 eager students from 7 to 10 pm. I turned on the radio and Leonard Cohen was being interviewed ( I will not mention the person doing the interview as this person when not interviewing is usually promoting the show). Who says the CBC does not have commercials?

Cohen explained his relationship with the many women of his life and was comfortable in describing women as being beautiful and how they have inspired him through the years. Without having to go into political correctness or evade the issue he managed to set me straight that a beautiful woman is all you need as justification for writing a song or in my case taking a picture or using the woman’s image to illustrate a blog. In today’s blog I am displaying the faces of two beautiful Argentine sisters.

I am not one of those conventional men who gets excited with the sight of two women together, be they clothed or unclothed. seeing two women dancing is not particularly my cup of tea. But the parameters change when you have two sisters, the Lorenzo sisters, in your studio dancing the Argentine tango and every move, every gesture; every whispered secret, becomes a marvel of intimacy and eroticism.

Addendum: Blogger is back in service (Sunday afternoon) so I have insterted the pictures in the normal way.

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