Survivors: Arumy Marzudhy

Former domestic worker Arumy, 27, took a series of photos back in her hometown of Blitar, East Java at the beach, titled: “Survivors”.

The old man is a homeless man, and is looking to recycle rubbish and sell it just to get a little money. That was why I captioned the pictures as “looking for rubbish to fill the stomach”
“I can understand how he might feel in this photo,” said Arumy. “Because I was also from a very poor family, and homeless. After my first contract in Hong Kong, I used my salary to build a house in Indonesia”
An old man delivering goods in Blitar, Java
“Life is so hard , some of them must bestrungling very hard to continue this life even though they aren’t young anymore.”

Being a migrant worker can make her feel empowered, such as when she uses her salary to build a house in her hometown of Blitar. But there are other instances where she feels oppressed.

A worker transporting wood in Blitar, Java

Having moved back to Indonesia in September this year, she has been involved in campaigning for migrant workers’ rights with the Migrant CARE organization.

This is my campaign about migrant workers and human rights from Nov 23 to 25. That’s how migrant workers live like, inside the jail.
We pushed for the government to make some clear rules about migrant workers. We need protection from the government, especially for women. We discussed a lot about migrant workers and their problems before departure, during their work and after they return.

Arumy is 27 years old and had been working in Hong Kong for the past decadee. She returned to Indonesia in September 2015, and is originally from Blitar city, the hometown of the first Indonesian president. She wishes to finish her degree in mass communications with the Open University of Indonesia. Her photography portfolio is available here, and purchases of photos will serve as additional income for her.

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