How much should you charge for a photograph?

You’ve taken some amazing photos, and now someone wants to use it. What should you charge for it?


Time sensitivity


I know of someone who only takes photos of boats. Yachts, sail boats, dinghys, oil tankers, speed boats, off-shore racers, Sea-Doos. You name it. He loves the ocean, he loves water, and he adores boats. So, some time, about 15 years ago, he gave up his everyday photography business, and started taking photos of boats. Needless to say, business was slow at first. He started delivering some photos to yachting magazines etc, and started making a reasonable wage.

So, how do you actually price a photo?

It’s incredibly difficult to advice how much you should charge for a photo. A newspaper looking for an exclusive might have very deep pockets indeed, for example, while the proud dog owner would expect to pay a lot less for a photo of their life companion. An idyllic photo of a house in the mountains could be worth quite a bit of money if, say, IKEA decide to buy a licence of it, in order to make huge prints of it and sell it in their stores world-wide, but the same photo would only fetch very little if the owner of the house was your dad, who wanted a photo of his holiday home.



Amazing things you always wanted to know about photography — but was too scared to ask!

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