The Epic List of Wedding Photography Fails

Wedding photography is one of the most popular categories and a huge branch in the industry. Top level photographers can turn it into art, while others, well…not so much.

But at the completely opposite end of real wedding photography, you have the fails, the “how-to-never-ever -photograph-a-wedding” shots. I’d hate to see the face on the brides and grooms in these pictures when they got them. Or maybe they had a laugh as well.

Anyway, I give this epic list of 44 absolute photography fails.

1. Jewelry, pigeons and a romantic sunset. You’d have to be nuts to ask for anything more.

2. Happy marriages. Insured by angry fathers with shotguns since forever.

Matt Wright / Via Flickr: mattwright

3. Being the photographer who has to arrange this group has got to be a memorable experience.

4. I wonder if her feelings are connected with the happy folks in the blurry background.

5. I’m sure the guy with the disgusted look knew he was going to be in a partial desaturation photo.

6. Whatever was going on in this picture, we would have loved to have seen her happier.

7. Someone loves to photo bomb and make it look subtle.
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8. Till death… Wait, what?

9. He might not have been her first choice.

10. Now here’s a bride with crystal clear priorities.

11. I imagine she had been waiting for it for a while.

12. Oh well, if it’s true love, that’s a good a place as any.

13. Who gives such directions?
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14. So that’s what bridesmaids are for.

15. You have to admit, the photo bombing llama is absolutely charming.

16. Here’s a wedding with some distinguished guests.

17. “They’ll never notice I’m not one of them!”

18. Early trashing of the dress in 3, 2, 1…

19. Wrong. Just wrong.

20. I get that they want people to know they’re nerds, but this is taking it a bit too far.

21. Well, this kept me staring for a few minutes. I’m not even going to start.

22. With friends like that, he’s bound to make a good housewife out of her…not .

23. Now that’s what I call limitless joy!

24. In some parts of the world, this is what class looks like.

25. Now there’s a happy groom!

26. It’s really simple in the end: if you love a place, you really love it!

27. Ah, what a joyful memory to relive in 30 years.

29. I’m just not sure what the photographer must have been thinking here?!

30. Him, too.

31. This whole trend of having the bride in your palm was awesome in the 90s when photography was just turning digital. Now it’s like a bad memory from the past.

32. Cannons must be her thing.

33. What can a $100 photographer from Eastern Europe do for you? This pretty much answers it.

34. I know he thinks she’s an angel, but this is going a little too far.

35. Well, now we all know who wears the pants in that house.

36. Let me guess. One of them is her weird uncle.

37. They should have a Photoshop lesson illustrated with this. It should be called “How to Kill an Image with Photoshop in a Few Simple Steps”.

38. So tell me again, how much did you pay for the car?

39. I know he’s her husband, but why does he have to look like he’s from the news?

40. He’s obviously a well intended guy, but he needs to decide whether he wants a wife or a fairy.

41. Wrong. On sooo many levels.

42. He must be into centaurs.

43. Wow, no comment.

44. Wow… Just… wow !!!

Originally published at on December 5, 2014.

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