1972–73 #1

Excerpts from 1972–73 by Collin Gonze

At the Sunshine General Store

Our current grocery business and politicized eating habits flowed from hippie culture. When I see Tiger’s Milk Bars on the rack at Whole Foods I thinking back to encountering them at the little Sunshine General Store in 1972, when this kind of eating was a strange new thing.

Jenny Bender

Our family friend was a partner at the Sunshine General Store. She was my mother’s friend, and my father’s. I think he slept with her.

Now More Than Ever: War

The Vietnam War was not cutesy yet.

Nixon’s Resignation

Watching Nixon resign at the United Auto Workers office, when trade unions were still a thing, before Reagan.

Excerpted from 1972–73 by Collin Gonze. These photos are freely available under a Creative Commons license, Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.) Anyone can use the photos I post in this publication for any purpose as long as they give credit to Collin Gonze. Further permission is not necessary — but an email to let us know is nice.