Cedar Dunes West Point Lighthouse (Prince Edward Island)

A few weeks back, I featured the Covehead Harbour lighthouse in my blog, which is one of 63 lighthouses located in Canada’s smallest province, Prince Edward Island (PEI). It gave me the idea to dig into my photo archives and see how many lighthouses from PEI I had photographed over the years.

Due to my poor tagging habits in my earlier Lightroom days, this happened to be quite a challenging task. After a few hours of going through my archives, I decided to change the whole approach and started posting photos of PEI lighthouses, one by one, as I found them. Maybe later, I will create a combined post with all of them.

This featured photo is from the Cedar Dunes Provincial Park where the West Point Lighthouse is located.

Canada. Prince Edward Island. West Point 
Loc: 46.62016, -64.38647

Originally published at www.phototraces.com.