Climbing the Sugarloaf at Montmorency Falls (Canada)

“Sugarloaf” is the unique occurrence at the bottom of the Montmorency Falls near Quebec City. It forms when the waterfall’s falling water evaporates first (even at the coldest temperatures) and almost immediately freezes, falling then to the ground as the white powder.

“Sugarloaf” is a big attraction among the visitors of the falls as everyone tries to climb it. The day I took this shot, only a few of the most skilled climbers managed to get to the top because it was very steep and slippery.

I did not even attempt to try because I had a camera hanging around my neck.

Canada. Quebec. Montmorency Falls
Loc: 46.889722, -71.146944

Camera: Sony a6000
Lens: Sony 10–18
Focal Length: 18mm
ISO: 100
Aperture: F8
Bracketing: 3 shots ( -1, 0, +1 )
Tripod: hand-held

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