4 Apps Your Construction Business Needs Right Now

Just like all other businesses, a construction business desiring a strong presence and relevance in the industry will need to use some apps and services that can revolutionize their business in these modern times. Here are the most recommended construction apps that you can use.

1: SafeSite

When it comes to construction company safety, SafeSite is one of the best apps to consider. It sends reports on safety hazards on construction sites, and then assign follow-up actions while attaching deadlines to such follow-ups. The app also helps you create customized inspections, and you can share such reports instantly from the construction fields to other members of your project team. You can also upload images and create weekly reports with this app.

2: Phoxapp

Phox was designed to save you time by giving you the ability to quickly capture, organize, and share workplace photos from your smartphone. Using Phox, all your photos are organized by location, employee, date & time, securily backed up, and are available on your phone or web for easy searching, sharing and referencing whenever you need them.

#3: TSheets

This is one of the best construction apps for scheduling construction progress and tracking time. The app helps a construction team manage their strategies. It sends automatic notifications to ensure that the team members complete tasks in a timely way, and it can save up to 10% of total payroll costs. The app helps in improving employee accountability and also works with GPS tracking to monitor multiple construction jobs at the same time.

#4: Photo Measures

This is the ideal construction app that helps construction workers record and share measurements and dimensions. With this app, you can zoom in and out to take precision photos, and you can also edit measurements and comments, and export high resolution photos to your email. You can also record and share unlimited photos and measurements with your team members.

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