The First-Ever WordPress Floating Action Button Plugin is here!

Floatton has been launched at CodeCanyon, the all-in-one floating action button for WordPress. This plugin is so versatile that it can be used in so many ways possible — as forms for contacts, comments, newsletters, registration and logins, and feedback, or for subscriptions, cookie consent, you name it — because you can customize each Floatton any way you like with the help of some user-friendly tools that go with it.

Floatton promises to give your site visitors quick access to your important contents without navigating away from the page. You simply have to tactically place it in one corner of the page where you think visitors are likely to look for or need certain content. For example, when the visitor reaches a certain part of the page and you think he would want to leave a comment, a Floatton should be in place, all set to let him type and submit his comment.

To put it in another way, Floatton lets you prompt visitors to do something significant within the webpage at the right time. For instance, you figure that on a certain page, your visitor should be ready to take an offer for a newsletter subscription or a registration, then, you set up a Floatton for such purpose.

Whatever important content you need to provide in an instant on your WordPress sites, Floatton is all you need. This FAB plugin comes with rich-text editor and colorpicker for easy customization. You can add text swiftly and match the colors with your site themes. Plus, it’s super lightweight and space-saving; in fact, you can place as many Floattons as you want in a page. It outdoes the lightbox with this feature.

Floatton, the first floating action button for WordPress is sure an important asset to your sites given all its amazing, unique features.