The Joy of Genotyping

Why growers, breeders, distributors, and dispensaries are ready for genetic certification.

If you know anything about Phylos, you likely know this: we’re a bunch of nerds. Cannabis-loving, whitepaper-reading, taxonomy-debating nerds. We get as excited about mapping the cannabis genome as some people get about finding the perfect high-CBD, high limonene variety. (We’re also sorry for all those times we cornered you at a party while geeking out about the latest DNA sequencing technology.)

Today we’re excited about our latest addition to cannabis nerdery: Phylos Certified, which provides genetic certification for the cannabis supply chain. The program certifies where a specific plant fits in the Phylos Galaxy, guaranteeing its identity in relation to all other varieties. With the data published on the Galaxy, anyone buying or selling cannabis can cross-check its genetics at any time.

A version of the seal made from our reference plant.

Through launching this program, we’ve learned that apparently we’re not the only ones stoked on the cannabis genome. It turns out that folks up and down the supply chain, from the nursery to the dispensary, are as excited about cannabis genetics as we are.

We need this ability to mark the genome. It allows you as a cultivator to make a commitment, and then actually satisfy that commitment.”
Kevin Jodrey, Owner & Cultivator, Wonderland Nursery
Certifying our strains is the very first step of real consistency, and it’s the only real tangible step towards consistency backed by science that we have.”
Mike Reeves, CEO, LTRMN
Before now, there’s been no way to verify that, genetically, the Blue Dream at Dispensary X is the same Blue Dream at Dispensary Y or Z. You were never able to verify that before Phylos, really.”
Sam Heywood, Owner & Cofounder, Farma Dispensary

Wonderland Nursery, LTRMN and Farma are all ready for a level of verifiable consistency that the cannabis industry has never known before. They are also proud partners of the Phylos Certified program, along with these wonderful companies:

sofresh farms | OR
Solar Organics, Clone Supplier (coming soon!) | OR
Phat Panda, Growing Facility | WA
Humboldt Seed Company, Farm | CA
Hawaiian Seed Company, Breeder | HI
Trulieve, Medical Cannabis | FL

Keep your eye on the Phylos blog to learn more about how these folks are using Phylos Certified.


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