Day 11

of 365 Daily Activity Challenge!

never enough time
4km treadmill run.
one-hour biceps, forearm and ab workout.
No time for legs this evening. Tomorrow!

Good workout this evening, but I find I want to stay longer and can’t. Not enough hours in the day. I’m going to ‘try’ and switch my workouts to 5:30am next week and see if I that works better. I might try 5km runs during lunch for cardio as well. Still working through my time management balance with family, work and activity. Wish me luck.

My barefoot running (barefoot / minimal shoes) feels much better and my calves have gone from being sore to stiff. Once I work through the stiffness I’ll start throwing in a 10k run once or twice a week. Cardio is solid. Next I need to work on my boredom when running. I’ve tried audio books, music and watching the tube. Maybe it’s just treadmill running that doesn’t do it for me? Suggestions?

Happy Holidays!


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