Wild Beasts

We want to be beasts.
Fucking savage beasts.

We want to hum with raw athletic ability,
We want to bristle with primal capability.

Without health we have nothing.
Without health we are nothing.

Fuck being weak.

Forget obligations,
Laugh at motivation.

This about identity;
You are a man. Strength is in your blood.

We are born to do it. Made to be strong.
Destined for the vibrant.

It has never been easier.
It has never been harder.

All the junk;
Information, data and distraction.
Products, foods and egos.

Not enough clarity or confidence.
Never enough time.


Reject slavish fads and habits,
Scorn the normal.

Embrace strength,
Worship sovereignty.

Tools are timeless, graciously inherited,
The work a privilege.
You just have to do it.

Savour intensity,
Crack through the vanilla ordiliness of the world.

Respect Apollo
Hail Dionysius,

Mostly water, sometimes wine.

Leap wildly!
Honour the Gods.

Be reasoned, be rational.
Dauntless and indomitable.

Seize everything.

We, The Villainous.

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