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Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 has been released with a mechanism for limiting defective nodes

On August 1, the software release of the Bitcoin Core 0.20.1 node took place. This version contains more minor fixes and changes compared to the previous major release 0.20, which was introduced in June.

According to the accompanying documentation, the main improvement in 0.20.1 was to address the problem of “improperly functioning peers” or users transmitting incorrect blocks to the network. According to the new rules, the prohibition on the interaction of such nodes with the network is not intended, however, they will receive the status of “discouraged”, that is, other nodes are less likely to contact them.

Other nodes will still be able to connect to “discouraged” nodes, but this should happen less frequently. In this case, the removal of the corresponding status from the node will not be carried out after 24 hours or using the “bantime” setting. Its preservation will depend on how successful the further interactions of the defective node with the rest will be.

Also in 0.20.1, a notification bug was fixed, which was present in the client since version 0.19. Users will now be notified again for transactions that are removed from the mempool as they conflict with new blocks.

A total of 13 contributors took a direct part in the preparation of Bitcoin Core 0.20.1, while at 0.20 there were 119 of them.

Alex Zask


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Alex Zask

Alex Zask

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