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Bitcoin rises in price after Musk’s words

For the first time in the last month, Bitcoin has risen in the rate above $60 000. At the time of writing, the market capitalization of the leading digital coin is $1 125 016 634 563, and the rate fluctuates around $60 231. Elon Musk did not miss this event and posted a post on his Twitter profile :
… going to moon very soon
— Elon Musk (
@elonmusk) April 10, 2021

The maximum Bitcoin rate rose to $61 222. Other cryptocurrencies are also taking a more confident position and aiming for their historical record.
The exact reason for the jump in the value of digital assets is unknown, but the message from the Tesla CEO is significantly fueling public interest in the field of cryptocurrencies.

A reference in Musk’s post on the popular topic of Bitcoin’s flight to the moon provokes community speculation that space technology maker SpaceX will follow the lead of electric vehicle developer Tesla and start working with cryptocurrency. Many cryptocurrency analysts and industry representatives are interested in the answer to the question, will SpaceX buy Bitcoin?

The last time Elon Musk sparked a hype around cryptocurrencies, Tesla bought about $1.5 billion worth of BTC.
This happened at the end of last year, when the head of the company announced on Twitter that a large-scale purchase of Bitcoin was being prepared.

It is worth noting that over the current year, the leading coin’s rate has risen by almost $30 000. The bull rally contributed to the global growth of the digital asset market, and their capitalization exceeded $2 trillion. Bitcoin is more and more confidently securing the reputation of “digital gold”, in which it is greatly helped by well-known representatives of the cryptocurrency industry. Until recently, the coin was called too unstable, but now asset and capital managers are increasingly resorting to determining that BTC is a more reliable and preferable alternative to gold.



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