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CoinMarketCap launched an educational program with Band Protocol as its first project

Crypto rating portal CoinMarketCap has launched its own educational initiative with the possibility of earning real awards.

Participants of the CoinMarketCap Earn program are invited to view educational videos of supported blockchain projects, answer quiz questions and receive rewards in their own tokens of the respective projects. The reward limit for one project is $ 10.

The first supported project under CoinMarketCap Earn was Band Protocol. Tokens worth $ 160,000 were allocated for distribution among users.

A company spokesman told The Block that they intend to include two projects per month in the program. Each campaign will last eight days and will have a limit on the number of tokens available.

Residents of Belarus, China, the USA and some other countries are not allowed to participate in CoinMarketCap Earn. The award will be credited to the address provided by the user only if he answers all the questions correctly. Successfully selected users will receive a notification at the end of the campaign.

A similar initiative for US residents is being carried out by the Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange. When asked why it was decided to launch the program based on CoinMarketCap and not Binance, which acquired the portal this year, a spokesman for the first said that they are “separate entities.”

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