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eBay accepted the possibility of connecting crypto-payments and launch of a NFT marketplace

The CEO of one of the eBay e-commerce companies, Jamie Iannone, admitted the possibility of connecting cryptocurrency payments on the platform.

Speaking to CNBC today, Iannone revealed that they are discussing adding various payment channels for their customers, including cryptocurrencies.
He also announced that the company is interested in non-fungible token (NFT) participation and is exploring ways to organize NFT sales.

Earlier, the purchase, sale and storage of bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies was implemented by the payment company PayPal.
For the first time, PayPal has expanded the service, giving customers the opportunity to use cryptocurrencies in settlements with 29 million partner outlets.

Also today, the media, citing the sources, reported that PayPal is again launching its own stablecoin.
Presumably, the company is already in negotiations with the developers of the stablecoin protocols and may implement the existing solution.

Information that eBay may start working with cryptocurrencies appeared back in May 2019, when the service posted its banner on the Consensus conference platform. The company itself refused to confirm the rumors:

“Cryptocurrencies are currently not accepted as payment on the eBay platform and are not part of our payment strategy.”



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