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Main news: August, 10

Hot cryptonews 👇

📣 China Insurance Company Issues Blockchain Blackout Insurance Under Smart Contract Management

📣 Offchain anonymous ETH transactions and release of Neo3 Preview3 update. Iden3 Developers Announce Final Phase of Hermez Tier 2 Solution to Scale Ethereum Transactions

📣 Tether is preparing to launch half a billion USDT on the market

📣 Wirecard plans to enter the US market

📣 US Federal Reserve will accelerate the development of the national payment system FedNow

📣 Major UK Crypto Processing Will Add USDC Payments

📣 Adamant Capital, Tuur Demeestra’s cryptocurrency fund, has closed

📣 Indian exchange CoinDCX partners with Binance to launch cryptocurrency staking platform

📣 In Germany, $ 30 million in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash were withdrawn from the operators of the pirate movie site

📣 Grayscale already manages more than $ 5.5 billion of assets

📣 IDEX non-custodial exchange raised $ 2.5 million to launch an updated platform

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