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Pi Capital Union

Main news: July, 13

Hot cryptonews πŸ‘‡

🎯 G20 countries discuss CBDC sovereign digital currencies

🎯 Hackers robbed Cashaa cryptocurrency exchange for $ 3.1 million

🎯 Russian IT companies will receive 20 billion rubles. Cryptocurrency projects need legalization

🎯 WikiLeaks store began accepting bitcoin payments through the Lightning Network

🎯 IoT sensors will significantly increase the efficiency of using smart contracts

🎯 Bancor decided on the first staking assets, Liquid Network integrated the Javascript library into the network

🎯 Former Swiss president sees the country as a leader in blockchain technology

🎯 Ripple entered into a partnership with Santander to expedite international bank payments

🎯 In Dubai, the number of real estate transactions using bitcoins is growing

🎯 Fork Brave changed its name due to legal threats from the developers of the original project

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