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3 min readJun 23, 2023


Pitch Perfect: In their own words, our founders share their vision for the future

Fresh off our growth programme, our ambitious Founders have been diving headfirst into scaling their ventures; now is the perfect time to get to know them.

This year, we’ve embraced a deliberate approach in pushing the boundaries of what is conventionally considered “proptech.” We have actively sought out innovators and technologies from adjacent sectors, introducing them into the built world ecosystem. Why? Because we firmly believe that some of the most transformative innovations in the built world may originate from outside the sector.

What’s truly remarkable is that each and every one of our Founders is at the forefront of spearheading critical challenges. From enhancing the accessibility and affordability of homes, to fostering healthy buildings and communities, to cultivating more resilient businesses, they are positively transforming our communities, businesses, and cities. They are not just influencing the present but also shaping the future of our cities, changing how we live, work, build, and experience the world at a global scale.

We believe that they hold immense potential to make a real difference in the built world. To profoundly and (we hope) irreversibly shift how we live, own, work, build, experience and move in the world today.

Watch the interviews to hear their stories and witness firsthand the impact each of these companies has on the ecosystem of the built world.


Airmo is transforming how organisations manage climate risk with precise, real-time green house gas (GHG) emissions data accessible anytime, anywhere.

Find out how Airmo is leveraging innovative satellite technology to drive global sustainability measurement and transparency.
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Ambr is preventing burnout at workplaces. Through anonymised data collection, organisations can now get a comprehensive understanding of team well-being.

Find out how Ambr is taking the lead in championing a happier and healthier work force and reshaping the workplace of the future.

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Kertos is a no-code solution to fully automate privacy processes across the entire organisation, making manual privacy (GDPR) compliance a thing of the past.

Find out how Kertos is tackling the biggest governance issue of our time and one that will play a huge role in the real estate industry as it undergoes a digital transformation.
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Trunk’s cutting-edge software transforms how design, manufacturing, and construction teams work together.

Find out how Trunk is revolutionising modular construction and reshaping the way we build.
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By detecting viruses before symptoms emerge and preventing their transmission using wastewater, Untap Health has real potential to shift how we manage public spaces and assets

Find out how Untap Health’s patent-pending device has the power to monitor community health in real-time.
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Interested to hear the founder pitches and experience the entire demo day? Watch it all here!

& If you are building a startup that’s transforming the way we live, build, experience, work, and move in the world; We’re all ears👂Drop us a hello