[Alphatest]Alpha Testers, thank you very much for building Pibble ecosystem withย us.

1st VIP Alpha Tester /ย Meixian

Hello, this is Pibble.

We are extremely grateful to those that helped with testing the close Alpha version during Q4 in 2018.

Thanks again for your patience with the development of the Android version due to the preceding development of iPhone version geared for the global service. We are almost done with the core development of the Android version, which is being staggered by approximately two months.

With community members who are interested in the developing process of Pibble, we will be sharing details of the various activities and contributions of the testers.

We thank alpha testers again for spotting the bugs and making some very helpful suggestions.

Here is the list of โ€œBest Activity Testersโ€ and โ€œBest Improvement Testersโ€ who have spearheaded improvements in the Pibble service with their brilliant insights.

By kickstarting the marketing process in earnest next year, we will do our best to give priority access and diverse benefits to Pibble VIP Testers.

Best Testers / Comprehensive Activity Parts (Posting+Comments+Upvote)

1st meixian Posting 154, Comments 114, Upvote 342 = 610

2nd Jiun_y Posting 124, Comments 151, Upvote 274 = 549

3rd people Posting 67, Comments 64, Upvote 141 = 272

4th dONekim Posting 56, Comments17, Upvote 171 = 244

5th Davidj Posting 69, Comments 76, Upvote 54 = 199

6th leetaeri Posting34, Comments 24, Upvote130 = 188

7th iamhoon Posting31, Comments 3, Upvote90 = 124

8th kenni_0 Posting 24, Comments 36, Upvote 62 = 122

9th on_dxxhx Posting 39, Comments 24, Upvote 57 = 120

10th dns99999 Posting 35, Comments 10, Upvote 69 = 114

Best Testers / Bug + Improvements Provision Part

Android / so-young Chang

iPhone / JY

Congratulations to all selected testersโ€Šโ€”โ€Šwe will be sending you some PIB to your Pibble wallets as a token of appreciation. The details of the awards can be checked at Pibble Tester Members Page below.

Thank you.

PIBBLE Official Communities

โœ… PIBBLE homepage www.pibble.io

โœ… PIBBLE Official Announcement Channel https://t.me/pibble_official

โœ… PIBBLE Official Telegram https://t.me/pibbleio_eng

โœ… PIBBLE Official Kakaotalk https://open.kakao.com/o/gxjNiGJ

โœ… PIBBLE Official Twitter https://twitter.com/pibbleio