BTC/PIBBLE pair added on CPDAX exchange

Bryan High
Jun 10, 2019 ยท 2 min read

Small news update to everyone. We know that many international users have been looking for a PIB/BTC pairing that had enough volume to fulfill their buy orders. To help out the international community and our Korean users, we have added PIB/BTC pair on CPDAX exchange.

The new pairing opened at June 6th, 3pm KST. Just a note, if you are a foreign user you will need to pass KYC to be able to trade on the platform. Korean users can pass verification with their cell phone number and Bank account verification. I suggest that you take that into account when getting ready to join the platform if you have not already registered previously.

We have upcoming news in the pipeline, so I we ask that everyone to please be patient.

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