Commerce functionality added to PIBBLE App!

Bryan High
Apr 26, 2019 · 5 min read

What has been going on with the PIBBLE app?

Well, our development team has been busy. I mean, really really busy. Our alpha test has been going great so far and functions after functions are being added, tweaked, improved, and developed. Open alpha will start soon and you will be able to directly download PIBBLE from both the google play store and the app store.

I’m am happy to share with you that commerce functionality has been added into our alpha test version!

But, what kind of commerce can I do?

The stock image market? What is that?

Every picture or video that you see in some advertisement was obviously taken by someone. But companies don’t just send out their employees to go take pictures when they need it for an ad. They purchase the rights to use that photo from a stock image company. When they purchase the photo, they are then allowed to use it in their advertisements and the photographer gets some money from the stock image market.

One of the larger stock image sites.

What we want to do is widen the scope of the stock image market. We want everyone to be able to participate in it, whether you just snap photos with your iphone or your DSLR is with you so much it should be surgically removed. We want to change how everyone views the content that they create.

Every photo you take and post on a social media platform has some value, but unfortunately that value is going to the platform itself.

Your content. His money.

Pibble will revolutionize how you view your content. It has value, you should be the one earning from it.

PIBBLE has got your back. We thought about that and have created a way for you to join easily, without additional registration, and start earning now. Let’s look at what you can do and discuss that functionality a little bit.

I personally really like taking photos of graffiti. Something about the combination of the striking artwork and the fact that it is illegal is really appealing.

It is kind of like the Snapchat of artwork, you never know when your next visit there will be greated with a white wall.

Taken by me in Seoul, maybe nice enough for an advertisement?

I thought that photo might even be good enough that someone wants to purchase the rights to use the photo from me. Maybe they want to use it in an advertisement for a new brand of dog sweaters? Maybe it is good enough that coke is considering using it as a backdrop for some advertisement? Well, I can just upload it to PIBBLE and it is available for anyone to purchase. Not only that, but it will still appear on the main feed and be available for upvotes as well.

5 Easy steps: select the photo, write a description, add tags, choose your price, set the rights. DONE. Your photo can instantly start earning you money.

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