[EVENT] PIBBLE participated in the Huobi Carnival

Greetings from the PIBBLE team!

PIBBLE participated as a platinum booth project in the Huobi Carnival which was held for two days from August 2 to 3. The platinum booth was attributed to six projects (among a total of 40 projects) including PIBBLE.

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all the people who came to participate in our airdrop event and giveaway events — unfortunately, due to the vast number of visitors, we ultimately ran out of presents to give!

During this event, both current PIBBLE holders and newcomers to PIBBLE visited our booth and asked us various questions, and cheered our project on. Although it was a very busy two days, we received a wonderful energy boost from our supporters who believed in the vision of PIBBLE.

So many people came to our PIBBLE booth!

PIBBLE was very easy to find in the platinum booth hall. With PIBBLE Alpha service UI (which is planned to be released in early August) used as a background, our visitors took pictures with social media influencers. As this was not your ordinary opportunity, there were many visitors who came and formed a long line to take a photo.

Treasure Lee (PIBBLE CEO), gives speech at Huobi Carnival main event

“Social media platform that rewards both creators and users”
Treasure Lee, CEO of PIBBLE, doing a presentation on “Social media platform that rewards both creators and users”

Among many presentations, PIBBLE’s presentation clearly stood out. Treasure Lee emphasized that unlike many other cryptocurrency projects which have unclear practical applications, PIBBLE is a service which ordinary individuals can actually use.

The secret of success of BTS?

Treasure Lee stated with confidence that “the PIBBLE service is a blockchain SNS that the audience can use with ease, and it will become the most powerful platform in Korea”. As a SNS service that rewards users for social networking activities, PIBBLE has great expectations.

Influencer with more than 113K twitch followers, Jinnytty is doing a presentation

Following Treasure Lee’s presentation, Jinnytty (https://www.twitch.tv/jinnytty), a famous streamer in Taiwan, introduced “how to use PIBBLE as a streamer and creator”. She stated that “PIBBLE provides answers for both unwanted commercials and gaining less profits”, emphasizing the following two strengths of the PIBBLE system as follows.

Jinnytty after presentation
1. Crowd Funding
A. Set the reason and goal for crowdfunding
 B. Get funding through PIBBLE Brush
 C. Create better contents with funding
 D. Get more donation from fans because fans are watching better contents
 E. Create virtuous circle through distributing some of profit to fans who helped in funding
2. Brush System
A. Fans do not favor commercial posts, but in the PIBBLE system, users who “liked” the picture also profits. Therefore, the number of likes do not decrease as steeply as in Instagram.
 B. PIBBLE is building a system where users, creators and companies all profit.

PIBBLE booth with the PIBBLE girls!

PIBBLE girls Gyuri Seo, Soo-ah Lee, Yoojin Choi(from the left)

The PIBBLE girls were the center of attention at the Huobi Carnival! Composed of social influencers, the PIBBLE girls will continue to be active supporters of PIBBLE starting with the Huobi Carnival. In particular, Yoojin Choi, the author of <Human Blockchain>, shined in her role as an economic influencer during the PIBBLE event.

Posing with PIBBLE platform/ PIBBLE girls explaining how to participate in PIBBLE event.

In addition, there is a special ongoing event for PIBBLE users. If you upload the picture you took with PIBBLE girls at the event on the PIBBLE platform which will be launched on early September, there will be an extra airdrop event. Please remember and do not delete your pictures!

We are the PIBBLE team.

By being able to explain the value of the PIBBLE service and future of our platform to our visitors and the audience, it was our opportunity to confirm our passion and sense of value to the community.

For people who recognize our value and want to explore further, please continue to visit the PIBBLE homepage and SNS community for future updates and communications. As you have faith in us and wait, we will work harder to achieve our shared vision for this project.

Thank you.


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PIBBLE press releases about Huobi Carnival

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