[Event] Pibble Sponsors Hangang Nightwalk 42K

Bryan High
Jul 31, 2019 · 4 min read
The Pibble Booth

Last Saturday, Pibble participated and was one of the sponsors for the Hangang 42K Nightwalk here in Seoul. Pibble is always looking for ways to support worthy causes and this was one of our first public charity events. You can see our focus on charity as we provide a way for individual users to raise money for charities and crowdfund their own dreams within the Pibble app itself. In addition to our app itself, we constantly try to spread awareness for blockchain and cryptocurrency while providing a positive message of the impact that it can have.

Note: If you would like more information about the event, please click the link below:

The event was attended by more than 10,000 people over the course of the day and throughout the night. Participants could choose from a 15, 25, or 42k walk that started in the evening and lasted through the night (hence nightwalk). The event is less a race and more of a chance to promote health and physical fitness while having fun at the same time.

Crowds gathering before the start of the walk

As part of the event, Pibble did an install drive to help get more users for our platform. We explained the app, how you can earn from it, and our current and future functionality. Interacting 1:1 was a great chance to get people interested in the platform and show them how it will revolutionize the social media landscape.

Some examples of our Flyers.

Additionally, we partnered with KABCS (http://www.kabcs.org/) a local Korean charity that provides visually impaired university students here in Korea with smart watches to improve their quality of life. With these smartwatches, students can recieve all of their messages in Braille, removing some of the barriers faced in their daily lives. For each person who visited and signed up with us, Pibble donated 1,000 KRW towards the purchase of one of these smart watches.

A sample watch from https://www.dotincorp.com/

While everyone was gathering before the race, the team was hard at working spreading the vision of Pibble to the participants. Everyone seemed really interested to hear about a new social media that they can actually earn rewards from using. Not only that, but the people participating in the event were mostly avid social media users so the interest level was really high.

Every Pibble team member was hard at work sharing Pibble.

Explaining Pibble
More Pibble explainers
Another one.
People Signing up at the Pibble booth!
More new Pibble users

Overall, the event was a great experience for all of the Pibble team. Everyone got a chance to interact with potential users and talk about all the benefits that Pibble can provide to them. Also, the chance to help support a local charity with a great goal is core to Pibble’s future message. We want to help associate cryptocurrency and blockchain with the benefits it can provide the world, whether it be from a technological standpoint or the more humanside. With that in mind, if you are interested, we strongly suggest supporting KABCS and helping improve the lives of visually impaired students.

Follow this link to support the charity:

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