Introducing our New Partner : WIDUS

New Strategic Partnership Announcement

On May, 2018, PIBBLE has decided to form a partnership with WIDUS PARTNERS, a global Financial investment company.

WIDUS PARTNERS supports the survival of various types of ICO projects while providing financial aid. It also holds a large network of joint investors.
 Widus, the leading investment firm, also provides investment and business advisory services to private, listed and start-up companies.

As a result, PIBBLE has secured a stronger global business infrastructure and a financial support network by joining hands with a global financial investment company, WIDUS PARTNERS.


WIDUS Partners is an investment advisory and private investment company firm that was established in Hong Kong in 2010. They are also making direct investments in domestic start-ups, mainly investing in companies that have the potential to expand overseas, joint with investors in Asia.

It has since become a leading boutique investment company that invests and sources exclusive deals with strategic investors and financial co-investors, expanding the offerings of services including investment and business consulting to private and publicly listed companies.