[PIBBLE] Meaning of PIBBLE

We want to introduce the origins of the name,PIBBLE first. A cryptocurrency which is to be introduced through a number of articles hereafter.

Pibble[pibl] = People + Pebble + Picture

PIBBLE is a name derived from various social scientific approach such as:

Branding Theme

  • Many pebbles gather ≒ Many blocks gather
  • Three words (People, Pebble, Picture) come together to make PIBBLE
  • Pronounced the same in any country
  • The Use of Repetitive alphabets
  • Share “Image” with “People” through Blockchain!
  • Returns “PIBBLE” to “People” through Blockchain!


The word PIBBLE was derived from the thought of small pebbles called pictures gathering together to make precious value connecting people with people.

Like Blockchains that record transactions between parties, we imagined little pebbles that are usually thought to be useless, being reborn as a valuable jewel that connects people with people.

When we thought of the word PIBBLE, we also tried to make sure to breathe in realize and respect human-centered values by protecting man-made spiritual creations, striving to the precious meaning of PEOPLE.

PIBBLE wants to build an faithful decentralized system where people all around the world can be the creator and the user of the image work. This is a good opportunity for people to gain profit from the image they created.

Written by Founder Treadi( Treadi@pibble.io )

For more information about the PIBBLE Project, please visit

Homepage : http://www.pibble.io
Telegram : https://t.me/pibbleio_eng
Kakaotalk : https://open.kakao.com/o/gUNaHMF(PW:2018)