JIN CAO Join’s PIBBLE board of Advisors

The Pibble Team is pleased to announce that Jin CAO, a world leader in the live streaming and gaming
industry, has joined Pibble as an advisor

CEO and Chairman of Xiaohulu-Cao Jin

Jin Cao is best known as the co-founder of YY Inc. (“YY”), which is a NASDAQ listed company with a current
market capitalization of a staggering USD 6.5 billion. YY is a leading live streaming social media platform that
delivers live contents and connects people through interest groups in China. Jin Cao is also the founder of

Huya Inc. (“Huya”), which was recently listed on the NYSE with a market capitalization of US$3.2 billion. Huya
is the biggest live game broadcasting platform with infrastructure able to support over 10 million simultaneous

Jin Cao is currently the CEO and Chairman of Xiaohulu.com. Xiaohulu.com is a technology focused big data
analytics, live streaming software and streaming video content publishing platform. Its big data analytics service
and products currently cover 27 of China’s biggest live streaming platforms (95% of the market), 20 million live
streaming rooms, and 200 million live streaming viewers. Its Open Broadcasting Software (OBS) currently
serves over 1 million live streamers. Data stored on Xiaohulu.com’s servers exceed 600G on a daily basis.
Xiaohulu.com also has a live streaming content publishing platform Paomianfan.

Aided by Jin Cao’s vast industry knowledge and experience, Pibble will strive to be the world’s leading
monetized image ecosystem that brings image creators and consumers together.

Thank you

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