Missed PIBBLE meetup? No worries! We have it all here! (Part 1)

Hello! Spring is coming real soon! Hope you’re prepared for it!

Pibble has participated in the event that was held by block-chain forum in the T-mark Hotel in Seoul on March 10th and announced a successful opening!

First, let’s take a look at the event venue!

Before the event

The tickets were sold out in less than 40 minutes and there were 150 people participatng with us.

In the first “Nice to meet u” meetup, a total of three companies participated and showed their road map and answered questions. This gave us an opportunity to share information with NGO and ABLE.

PIBBLE presenting
NGO presenting

Our founder “Boram Lee” made her own presentation this day.

PIBBLE made a presentation about how PIBBLE’s ecosystem can bring immense changes to the current image market.

Especially, it was a perfect time to show how PIBBLE had potential to create a service based on today’s existing platforms.

It was a pleasure to explain details about PIBBLE to the participants and I was delighted that many people seem to understand it.

We also distributed every gift that we prepared for you guys!

Dinner & Goods

It was a great time with delicious meals! I still can’t stop thinking about the crabs :(

One of the members receiving t-shirt from Jinri!

For the next meetup we’ll, again, make sure everyone who has particiapted can enjoy the meetup!

For the next post I’m planning to post various kinds of pictures about the meetup!

Thank you for reading!

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