[NEWS] PIBBLE signs MOU with FanX, a powerful social media block chain

New MOU(Memorandum Of Understanding) Announcement


Pibble, FanX Foundation and Widus Partners have signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU”) to form a partnership focused on the popularization and proliferation of their respective
ecosystems within the Asia Pacific region.

Backed by their extensive networks and resources centered in China, Korea and Japan, the group aims to establish premier blockchain solutions in the social media, live streaming and entertainment space.

fANX x PIBBLE Meeting in China

“We, at Pibble are extremely thrilled join the FanX community as a country Channel Partner for Korea. We believe our collaboration with FanX will bring a more equitable ecosystem in the Korean social media space”, said Treasure Lee, Founder, Pibble.


About FanX
FanX is a blockchain powered ecosystem designed to reward the fabric of social media
network; the users and content providers. FanX’s industry leading technology helps users and
content providers track engagement across multiple social media platforms. Through its
Channel Partners, FanX seeks to redistribute value created by such interactions back to the
community. FanX Foundation is based in Singapore.

About Pibble
Pibble is a blockchain based monetized image ecosystem which aims to provide a decentralized
solution for the monetization of photo content and images. Pibble’s main partners include Kiwi
Media Group, which is a publicly listed global media company specializing in movies, drama,
music, performances, broadcasting and management, and The Star Asia Co., Ltd., which is a
leader in magazine publishing, fashion, lifestyle and event planning in Japan and Korea including the annual Asia Artist Awards.

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