[NEWS] PIBBLE X Hanbitco Exchange Listing

Greetings from PIBBLE!

We are pleased to announce our second listing news.

Listing Exchange Information

Homepage : https://www.hanbitco.com/
Trading Market : BTC / EOS
Trading Coin : BTC, ETH, BCH, EOS, XRP, LTC, IQ
PIBBLE Trading Pair : PIB/BTC
PIBBLE Wallet Open: `18.7/30 18:00(KST)
PIBBLE Trading Start : `18.8/3 18:00(KST)

Hanbitco is a Korean exchange for which Korea Blockchain Associate’s Vice Chairman is serving as the CEO. As Hanbitco is one of 12 exchanges that passed the self-regulatory review last July, we believe Hanbitco has reliable servers and strong security.

In addition, Hanbitco ran on EOS BP under the name of Eossey, constructing a system that makes BP voting easier on exchanges.

Listing Promotion Information


Hanbitco is having an event that gives 2,000 PIB to users who sign up to Hanbitco and opens a PIBBLE wallet. Hope you all participate!

The PIBBLE team is planning an overall listing strategy with the goal of building the PIBBLE ecosystem through the widespread use of PIBBLE services. We are regarding our listing plans as not only a means for trading on exchanges but also with a view to build up the PIBBLE ecosystem and develop blockchain solutions with close strategic partnerships.

Thank you

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