PIBBLE ✕ GIFTO Enters into Strategic Partnership

Greetings from PIBBLE!

PIBBLE ✕ GIFTO Partnership

On July 24, 2018, blockchain based virtual gift cryptocurrency, Gifto and blockchain social media service PIBBLE entered into a MOU to establish a strategic partnership.

As blockchain based social services, Gifto and PIBBLE each have been gaining much attention as revolutionary projects. In June, GTO wallet holders surpassed half a million, making Gifto and PIBBLE’s partnership a strategically meaningful step.

Strategic co-working opportunities

On the day of signing the MOU, PIBBLE and Gifto stated that this partnership will be focused on creating synergies between their respective blockchain services and to provide services with higher qualities.

In addition, PIBBLE and Gifto will together secure a global user base and contents specialized for each platform, enforce collaboration within the platform and form a technological alliance to raise token value.

Seek synergies through open collaboration

PIBBLE CEO Treasure Lee suggested to keep an eye on PIBBLE’s initiatives “while services in existing industries were competitive and closed, changes brought by block-chain and an open mindset that seeks mutual benefit through collaboration will create numerous synergies.”

On the other hand, Gifto is SNS based virtual gift cryptocurrency, which made their name known in December 2017 as one of the world’s first reverse ICOs and as one of the ICOs to sell out in the shortest time. In addition, Gifto successfully entered the Korean market with UpLive, a live streaming service with more than 50 million users.

Strengthening strategic partnership with Alpha launching ahead

After PIBBLE’s official partnership announcement with FanX, a block chain based service that combined 30 million broadcasting channel, 1 million live streamer, and 300 million fan community activities with block chain, PIBBLE is now subsequently forming an alliance with Gifto, a service cryptocurrency with 50 million users, thereby further raising anticipation for its Alpha service launching in September 2018.

PIBBLE website: https://www.pibble.io
PIBBLE official channel: https://t.me/pibble_official

PIBBLE seeks to protect people’s creative works and help realize their true value, with the goal to protect and proliferate an important aspect of human virtues. PIBBLE is in pursuit of creating a truly decentralized system whereby anyone around the world can be a creator and user of copyrighted images, successfully converting everyone into owners and distributing profit to the entire community.