Pibble Hosts First Influencer Party

Bryan High
Jul 31, 2019 · 3 min read

If you are working in marketing or frequently visit social media platforms, you have probably already heard the word influencer spread around. If not, influencers are social media users with a large number of active followers who are very influencial in spreading the message of a product or company. They are important to shaping the message of anything from the clothes people purchase to the games that people play on their phone.

As a new social media platform, Pibble is working hard at making connections with those who can help spread our message and platform. In order to accomplish this, we are converting Instagram influencers into future Pibble influencers.

To help us accomplish this goal, we selected some influencers to visit our office for a party and to help them learn a little bit more about how to use Pibble, the best way to get the message out about our platform, and where we will be heading in the future.

The event featured influencers ranging from blockchain-focused users, Korean professional models, photographers, foreign influencers, and media specialists.

Our CEO Treasure and Yujin both gave a presentation to the influencers and explained some of the exciting upcoming features to be part of our Beta version. She gave them some hints about how best to rise up the leaderboards of one of our new future functions.

After the presentations, we had a chance to talk 1:1 and explain more about our platform and why it will be their future number one social media platform. We shared some delicious food, amazing wine, and even better conversations.

We really want to thank everyone who attended our influencer party despite the rain. Overall, the event was a great success for helping share our passion for Pibble with our first batch of influencers. Going forward, we will continue to forge these relationships to further grow our platform.

However, this is just one of our many events scheduled in the future. We will continue to leverage the power of influencers to help spread Pibble across the globe. Soon, many of those influencers will forget all about Instagram and become the future of the Pibble platform. Why would they stick to a social media platform that isn’t rewarding them for their great content?

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Blockchain Based, Monetized Image Ecosystem


Blockchain Based, Monetized Image Ecosystem

Bryan High

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Blockchain Based, Monetized Image Ecosystem