Pibble Joins Kakaotalk Blockchain Platform “Klaytn” as Initial Launch Partner

Bryan High
Jun 27, 2019 · 2 min read

Kakao Blockchain Platform “Klaytn” Mainnet Official Opening,

Korean Social Media Platform Pibble joins, Aiming at Global Expansion

The blockchain-based social media platform, Pibble (CEO Treasure Lee), is set to join the Kakao blockchain platform “Klaytn.” Kakaotalk, the largest social messenger application in Korea, boasts more than 50 million worldwide users and is used by 93% of smartphone users in Korea.

Pibble, a Korean social media platform similar to Instagram, has announced that it would join as one of the initial service partners of “Klaytn” set to open on June 27th.

Kakao’s blockchain technology affiliate GroundX will launch the Klaytn mainnet which will be available to all users on their popular Kakaotalk platform. The goal is to build a popular blockchain ecosystem that can be used by all users in their everyday life. In addition to Korean domestic users, they have plans to expand to a global platform reaching more than four billion worldwide users while promoting a variety of industries and partnerships that are based on current blockchain technology.

Pibble, a social media platform that rewards content creators, aims to become the leading platform above Instagram and other Social Media and aggressive marketing will begin from next month. Through a partnership with Klaytn, Pibble will be able to secure a firm foundation of Korean domestic users. Pibble said, “While the experience of Pibble can be similar to Instagram, the compensation model for uploading social content has already shown a great amount of interest in Korea and overseas.” Pibble and Klaytn plan to aggressively take on the global market together.

Pibble main functions

The Pibble app is expected to begin its open beta service next month after completing a six-month alpha test. Pibble said it plans to target users of Instagram and provides normal social media features such as photo and video sharing but adds additional commerce functionality including digital image sales, off-line product purchasing, and a secure integrated payment system. Pibble is currently available for download on both the Google Play and Apple app store.

As always, follow us on our other social media:

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