PIBBLE planning to apply its platform to “Guards Polo Club”,an authoritative polo club in the United Kingdom

Nov 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Details on the collaboration with Polo Foundation after the Global Gift Gala.

Treasure Lee in speech & Guard polo club content to be applied to PIBBLE platform

Founded in January 1955, “Guards Polo Club” is one of the largest polo club in the UK with numerous members. It hosts more than 500 polo matches annually, including Cartier Queens’s Cup, Royal Windsor Cup, and Hildon Archie David Cup.

Sponsored by Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ, this club is closely related to Buckingham Palace with the club’s presidents Prince Philip and Duke of Edinburgh. Such dates of Prince Philip and Elizabeth Ⅱ and other royal family gatherings are open to public every year.

Pibble will be uploading the photos and contents from Royal Windsor Cup to be held in June 2019, and return its profit to the society using Pibble’s Charity function, which will make it easy for people to participate in charities in their everyday lives.

In addition, Pibble will continue its close collaboration with global foundations by donating its revenue from social media. Meanwhile, Pibble is checking its electronic wallet, compensation system, as well as basic posting functions common in social media services.

Apart from the newly opened charity service, Pibble is testing its e-commerce platform in which people can buy products easily. The beta service version is scheduled for the first quarter of 2019 in the roadmap.

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