PIBBLE’s Speech at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival

Aaron Kim
Aaron Kim
Oct 11, 2018 · 4 min read
PIBBLE CTO’s presentation, “Blockchain: New current of movie industry”

PIBBLE had successfully participated in Asian Film Market 2018, an auxiliary event of the 23rd Busan International Film Festival taking place at Bexco, Busan.

Asian Film Market is a professional event where not only people engaged in the blockchain industry but also over 1,500 people engaged in film, video, entertainment industry participates. During the event, PIBBLE represented the blockchain industry and participated as a guest speaker.

Entrance of Asian Film Market 2018

The event covered the entire value chain of the film industry from investment, production to finishing procedures. Also, it was co-hosted by KOCCA and Asian Film Market.

Asia Project Market, E-IP Market and leaders in the entertainment business provided opportunities for networking and sharing blueprints for cultural ecosystem vitalization.

The presentation sessions were as follows.

  1. Blockchain Investment (ICO, Crowdfunding)
  2. Blockchain Media Platform
  3. Panel Discussion
  4. Q&A
PIBBLE CTO giving a presentation

On first session, PIBBLE’s CTO explained how blockchain technology and ICOs can be used for film productions, and how change in investment subject will change the trends in film production.

PIBBLE, acting as a representative of Korean blockchain projects, explained the vision and goal of becoming a global social platform, and shared the alpha test process. It was also revealed that PIBBLE is aiming to launch its service on 1Q 2019, which captured the attention of the audience.

In particular, PIBBLE’s crowdfunding service received many positive responses from the audience, as it proposed a persuasive solution for the current poor investment environment in the film industry.

Presentation on merging of blockchain and media industry and its future

Second session was led by the KT Convergence Business Promotion Team, discussing blockchain media platforms.

KT spoke about how blockchain technology can be merged with the media industry and how data integrity and automatic balance calculations can contribute to growth of the media industry.

KT Jeong-Soo Kim Team leader, PIBBLE Andrew DB Chae CTO, Barunson Jae-ha Park Team leader

The third session was a panel discussion. where the representatives of KT, Barunson and PIBBLE sat together and engaged in thorough discussions on how blockchain can change film production.

In the last session, the panelists engaged in a Q&A session to discuss the difference between blockchain crowdfunding and existing crowdfunding, as well as success cases of crowdfunded films.

There was much focus on the advantages in global businesses with blockchain technology, and many questions centered around PIBBLE’s global service differentiation strategy, as opposed to those in related businesses.

Excerpts from official presentation slides

It was indeed a precious opportunity for PIBBLE to be able to participate in a global film festival where domestic and foreign leader in the entertainment industry congregated and engaged in active dialogue.


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“PIBBLE, Blockchain-based Monetized Image Ecosystem”


Blockchain Based, Monetized Image Ecosystem

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