[PIBBLE] Our Powerful Partners

There are many partners in the PIBBLE project that we are going to complete. Among them, we try to introduce PIBBLE’s main partners we want to let you know.


KIWI MEDIA Group is the only entertainment company listed on KOSPI market in Korea, unlike ordinary entertainment companies listed on KOSDAQ market for small business and venture business. It is the global media company that is opening a new prospect in the contents market through movies, dramas, music, performances, broadcasting, publishing, management and so on.

CEO Chul-Woong Chung, President Won-Suk Jang, and Kallin Bark Director are leading the company, with Chairman Hyung-seok Kim in the head as a composer and producer, who has cultivated more than 200 Korean Wave stars.

The company lead to consecutive success in film investment and production such as ‘The Outlaws’ number one in the box office, ‘ Man of Will’ and ‘Forgotten’ and continues to expand business in the field of entertainment contents production field.


VirtualTek Co., Ltd. is the representative of the first generation IT industry listed on KOSDAQ in 2000 since it was launched as IO System in 1991.

Currently, the company has 13 affiliates in the field of IT convergence sales, fuel cell generation, and eco-friendly energy IT convergence R&D and so on. Also the company are evolving into ‘Eco-Friendly & Green Energy’ company by expanding new businesses continuously in the field of Study of Wi-Fi applied technology and Blockchain mining solutions.


Etomato was founded in 1994 as a specialized broadcasting company for securities, and operates Radio Etomato and Tomato TV and is the first domestic securities/economic channel to broadcast HD in 2009.

The company now provides securities broadcasting and news contents to major portal sites such as Naver/Next/Yahoo/Gom TV/Africa TV as well as Korea’s large securities firm HTS and is operating ‘Securities Source’(stock), ‘News Source’(news), and ‘Tong Tong’(messenger). It is the major shareholder of ‘Coin Tong’ scheduled to open in February 2018, a virtual currency exchange that is scheduled to open in February 2018 and is leading the introduction and development of new technologies such as the recent development of Blockchain technology.

the star asia

The Star Asia Co., Ltd. is a Korea based company with the strongest network in Japan among Korea entertainment companies with the subsidiary The Star Japan Co., Ltd. located in Japan, and is operating business regarding magazines, publishing, performance planning and entertainment business and so on. On the other hand, “The Star” magazine deals with the fashion, beauty and lifestyle of the top stars as the number one star magazine in Korea, turn itself into the leader of ‘Hallyu’(Korean Wave) Magazine.

In particular, the company is the organizer of Asia Artist Awards(AAA), the first united awards ceremony of the singer and drama part of Korea, and so solidified its status as a media company covering all of Asia.

‘Asia Artist Awards’ links:


‘The Star’ links : thestar.kr

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