[Project 5] Airdrop Information for Project5

We heard your feedback and came up with a solution!

Thank you everyone who participated in Project5 for helping us achieve 3rd place in the contest.

I know that there were some concerns raised about sending your Vote/Referral/Daily transaction bonus to a PIBBLE wallet on the PIBBLE platform.

Because of that, we took in your feedback and decided to allow all our non-Korean participants can recieve their PIB bonus to their Allbit wallet!

I will finalize the information about this within the next week and post the process. As it stands, the airdrop date will still be April 1st 2019 in order of participation.

How can I check my daily transaction/referral bonuses?

Oh no, I don’t speak Korean!

No worries, I will show you how to check!

That is where you can input your information!

Want to check out your Vote Bonus amount (More Korean, sorry!)?

What do I do now?

Cntrl+F and check for the last or first digits of your Allbit Wallet. You will see your PIB airdrop from your vote.

The top is showing how we calculated the amount to be airdropped.

We really want to thank all our non-korean participants for their interest in PIBBLE and hope that this change will make many of you happy. I will create the exact process for confirming this soon and let you know.

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