[Project 5] Project5 airdrop events have ended [old post information]

Bryan High
Feb 9, 2019 · 3 min read
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NOTE: All of these airdrop bonuses are inactive. Doing any of these will not allow you to be eligible for an airdrop.

What can you do to help us?

1. Vote for PIBBLE and receive 100% APOT vote payback!

2. Register for a PIBBLE wallet on Allbit and receive 2,000 PIB.

3. 2,000 bonus PIB for your first transaction of the day. If you do more than 10 transactions over the event, receive a 200% bonus!

4. Referral event: Refer a friend to PIBBLE and receive additional bonuses!


Event 1: Vote for PIBBLE with ATOP and receive a 100% APOT payback (additional bonus event to be announced)!

Detailed explanation:


◆Period: 2019.01.30~03.04(34 Days)

◆When do I get PIBBLE? 100% ATOP refund instantly (due to high demand currently, it may take more than 24h to refund).

Vote 10,000 APOT and get paid back! (additional bonus to be determined soon.

· During the event, your one vote is eligible.

· You will receive an equivalent amount of PIBBLE token after the conclusion of the event.


Event 02: 2,000 PIB Airdrop for the first 1,000 people! Just register a PIBBLE Wallet on Allbit!

◆Period: 2019.02.07~03.04 (25 days)

◆When? Everyday 10am(KST) participants who register for Allbit(https://allbit.com) and create a PIB wallet will receive the Airdrop after confirming the Wallet Address

Allbit Video Registration Guide

Step by Step Guide for Registration!

How to find my Allbit Wallet Address: Login to Allbit > Wallet > Contract Asset Management > Wallet/Verification > Wallet Info

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How to access Allbit PIBBLE Wallet Address: Login to Allbit > My Wallet > Select wallet and choose Transfer > Select “Transfer” next to PIB > Please provide PIBBLE Wallet Address

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◆How? Please fill out the form at https://goo.gl/forms/STzrcQHIhtd28NWM2 and after confirming your wallet address, PIBBLE token will be distributed.


Event 3: First 1,000 Participants will receive a 2,000PIB airdrop for their first daily transaction! Participate 10 times and receive 200% bonus!

Detailed explanation: https://medium.com/pibbleio/project-5-how-can-i-earn-40-000-more-pibble-daily-transactions-b4630369c894

◆Period: 2019.02.07~03.04(25 Days)

◆When do I receive my PIB? After the completion of the event (see future announcement)

We will check the transactions of participants over the duration of the event. Please register for Allbit and create a PIBBLE wallet.

Fill out the form at (https://goo.gl/forms/STzrcQHIhtd28NWM2) with your wallet address and other information.

What can I get up to? 10 transactions x 2,000 PIB X 2 = 40,000PIB!

There is no special additional registration, just fill out the initial form and at the end of the even it will automatically be distributed.


Event 4: Referral Event! First 1,000 participants to refer a friend (who does a transaction) will receive 1,000 PIB airdrop.

Detailed explanation:


◆ Period : 2019.02.07 ~ 03.04 (25 days)

◆When? After the completion of the event (see future announcement)

What do you do? Refer a friend to Project5 and let us know both your PIB wallet and their PIB wallet address (https://goo.gl/forms/STzrcQHIhtd28NWM2).

For the first transaction that your referral does every day, you will receive an additional1,000 PIB!

As always, follow us on our other social media:

Homepage: https://www.pibble.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/pibbleio_eng

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pibbleio/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pibbleio

Need to ask a question? Contact me directly on Telegram



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